Nexsys de Colombia develops its Software and Hardware wholesale marketing process, consistent with the applicable requirements; counting on a competent and committed human talent that in harmony with the structure of the processes, the physical and technological infrastructure, makes possible the satisfaction of clients, manufacturers and shareholders; in a permanent dynamic of continuous improvement.

All the Products marketed by NEXSYS COLOMBIA, have a guarantee and support from all their manufacturers, some have a service center and those that do not have Nexsys will provide the guarantee service, in order to access it, it is necessary for the user to check the packaging, the manuals, specifications and handling of the product before putting it into use.

NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA will provide technical service, only for products sold by Nexsys, make sure you have the invoice number and/or serial number of the product for its respective validation and assignment of technical assistance code (RMA).

As a general policy, Nexsys de Colombia permanently reviews its logistics processes, trying to maintain a physical inventory of products that responds in a timely manner to market needs and demand projections.

It is of the greatest importance for us to have the forecast of the business in progress by our business partners. For products that are not available in Nexsys de Colombia inventory or in transit to the country, the estimated delivery time will be 20 days, as long as the aggregate demand from multiple countries does not exceed the manufacturer’s response capacity.

In exceptional cases, the manufacturer may present delays in its dispatches beyond the established parameters; When these situations arise, our Commercial Advisor is responsible for monitoring the delivery process in detail and keeping the business partner duly informed. Additionally, it is our commitment, the search and use of alternative procedures such as: the delivery of products on loan or in demonstration and in critical situations, certification letters may be issued specifying that the products are in process with the manufacturer.

Regarding licensing, delivery times are generally less than 15 days, a situation that varies depending on the manufacturer; The following list is an indication of the average delivery times for licenses from the main manufacturers represented by Nexsys:

Autodesk 27 days Adobe License 7 days Adobe Product 30 days Computer Associates license 10 days Computer Associates Product 25 days Corel License 8 days Corel Product 30 days Epson 30 days GTC Calcomp 25 days Hewlett Packard 25 days IBM Rational License 45 days IBM License 12 days IBM Product 25 days Mcafee License 10 days Mcafee Product 30 days Metrologic 30 days Microsoft License 3 days Microsoft Product 26 days Novell License 10 days Novell Product 20 days Oracle License 15 days Oracle Membership 30 days Peripherals 30 days Mobile Solutions 30 days Symantec License 6 days Symantec Product 35 days Zebra 30 days

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