Commercial Terms



Nexsys de Colombia develops its Software and Hardware wholesale marketing process, consistent with the applicable requirements; counting on a competent and committed human talent that in harmony with the structure of the processes, the physical and technological infrastructure, makes possible the satisfaction of clients, manufacturers and shareholders; in a permanent dynamic of continuous improvement.


As a general policy, Nexsys de Colombia permanently reviews its logistics processes, trying to maintain a physical inventory of products that responds in a timely manner to market needs and demand projections.

It is of the utmost importance for us to have the forecast of business in progress from our business partners. For products that are not available in Nexsys de Colombia inventory or in transit to the country, the estimated delivery time will be 20 days, as long as the aggregate demand from multiple countries does not exceed the manufacturer’s response capacity.

In exceptional cases, the manufacturer may present delays in its dispatches beyond the established parameters; When these situations arise, our Commercial Advisor is responsible for monitoring the delivery process in detail and keeping the business partner duly informed. Additionally, it is our commitment, the search and use of alternative procedures such as: the delivery of products on loan or in demonstration and in critical situations, certification letters may be issued specifying that the products are in process with the manufacturer.

Regarding licensing, delivery times are generally less than 15 days, a situation that varies depending on the manufacturer; the following list is an indication of the average delivery times for licenses from the main manufacturers represented by Nexsys:

Autodesk 27 days Adobe License 7 days Adobe Product 30 days Computer Associates license 10 days Computer Associates Product 25 days Corel License 8 days Corel Product 30 days Epson 30 days GTC Calcomp 25 days Hewlett Packard 25 days IBM Rational License 45 days IBM License 12 days IBM Product 25 days Mcafee License 10 days Mcafee Product 30 days Metrologic 30 days Microsoft License 3 days Microsoft Product 26 days Novell License 10 days Novell Product 20 days Oracle License 15 days Oracle Membership 30 days Peripherals 30 days Solutions Mobile 30 days Symantec License 6 days Symantec Product 35 days Zebra 30 days


We work every day to optimize the process of placing Orders by our business partners, the best example of this is our online ordering system (Nexsys online: http:// Through this system, you will be able to place your order orders for any product or software license marketed by Nexsys. The access code to Nexsys online for your company will be provided to you in a separate communication. If you still do not have it, request it from your Assigned Advisor or by e-mail to: or through our Chat in the “Support” option


Partial deliveries can be presented on any of your purchase orders to Nexsys and are in effect a default shipping procedure. In case you do not want partial deliveries, we suggest specifying it in the corresponding purchase order in the comments.


All delivery to the end user must be approved by the General Management in compliance with the company’s current internal policies.



As a trade policy in the marketplace, the return of licenses is not allowed. In exceptional cases and with the proper documented justification, the returns will be processed before the manufacturer and they will be conditioned to the final acceptance by the latter. In certain cases, the acceptance of the return by the manufacturer implies the payment of a penalty, which must be assumed by our business partner.


Accepted under the following conditions:

All returns are subject to the collection of 10% of the value of the product. This value will be invoiced by Nexsys to the business partner.
To be accepted, the return must be made within 15 days from the billing date.
The product to be returned must be in its original packaging and the envelope containing the media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) must be sealed.
Only returns of products that are in force (current versions), that is, marketable, will be accepted.
Products that have been dispatched under special order will not be accepted for return.
Once the return of the merchandise has been approved in writing by the Logistics Management, the products must be sent to Nexsys de Colombia, attaching a copy of the Nexsys invoice, a letter explaining the reason for the return, and a copy of the letter of return authorization.


All the Products marketed by NEXSYS COLOMBIA, have a guarantee and support from all their manufacturers, some have a service center and those that do not have Nexsys will provide the guarantee service, in order to access it, it is necessary that the user review the packaging, manuals, specifications and handling of the product before putting them into use.

NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA will provide technical service, only for products sold by Nexsys, make sure you have the invoice number and/or serial number of the product for its respective validation and assignment of technical assistance code (RMA ).


All products that do NOT have an Authorized Service Center, will be processed directly by the Technical Service of NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA, for its corresponding warranty process, all requests must follow the following procedure:

Download the file “Warranty Request – Hardware”
Fill in the fields of the format, attaching the invoice and send it via email to
Any product that meets the requirements will enter the warranty process by assigning it a consecutive RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) authorization number, this will be informed to the customer via email.
In response to your request, within a time limit of 24 business hours, you will receive the notification of Approval with the RMA number.
Send the merchandise by placing in a visible place the RMA number assigned to the Nexsys address in Colombia (Cra. 16 # 30-82 Bogotá).
For cases processed in Bogotá, it is the responsibility of the distributor to deliver and collect the product under warranty. For other cities, the shipping freight to Bogotá will be borne by the channel and the return freight will be borne by Nexsys de Colombia.
The response time limit stipulated by Nexsys de Colombia is 72 business hours from the date of entry of the product to our laboratory.
Once the diagnosis is made, a technical report will be issued and the client will be notified for collection or delivery to the registered address in the case of cities.

NOTE: The fact of granting an RMA number and receiving the merchandise does not imply that the merchandise has been accepted under warranty, this will be done once the warranty area reviews the product.


The Technical Service area is NOT responsible for accessories that do not correspond to the article (Memories, SIM, MicroSD)
NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA is NOT responsible for guarantees delivered to people OR AREAS DIFFERENT THAN THOSE AUTHORIZED to the Technical Service area and do not have an RMA authorization number (drivers, messengers, Commercial Advisors, etc.).
Items not covered by the warranty

Products purchased from any company other than NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA LTDA.
Regular cleaning services or normal mechanical or cosmetic wear and tear.
Damages due to misuse, abuse, neglect or storage outside the normal parameters of the product.
Damage caused by the use of generic type parts or other brands or characteristics different from the specifications contained in the user manual.
Maintenance or installation of parts carried out by people who do not belong to or are duly authorized by NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA LTDA

The limited warranty of NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA LTDA does not cover any type of information, programs, data on fixed or removable storage media; after purchasing the computer. In the event that the warranty is used, it is the buyer’s obligation to save the information contained on the hard drive or other storage devices of the product.
Damages caused by electrical accidents such as electrical discharges (lightning), surges or power fluctuations above the tolerance level of the machine or machines exposed to improper environments such as high humidity or dust.

Computers or screens that have taken a hit.
When the serial number of the product has been deleted, damaged, altered or does NOT appear in our database.
When The specifications and instructions described in the manufacturer’s manual were not followed.
When the product shows signs of mishandling or internal or external alteration.
NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA LTDA is not responsible for the loss of the operating system license after the equipment has been delivered to the client.


Verify if the operating system installed on your computer supports the product.
Remember before purchasing your products to verify the technical specifications and that they meet your needs, and in this way not request an unjustified guarantee.
The Technical Service area is NOT responsible for products sent to the area for reasons other than warranty requests.


The guarantees of the manufacturers that we represent must be processed according to the guarantee policies of each brand, which have their own Authorized Service Centers. To receive information about service centers and warranty procedures, you can request it from our Technical Service area (57-1-8766700 EXT 1551) to receive information on how to process your warranty or those of your customers. Remember that each brand manages its own terms and warranty times, for this reason we list telephone numbers and service centers


Customer Service 018000931234, Bogotá 571 5870300 option 3 – 1 – 2

Requirements (Invoice date number, product serial, and description)


Customer Service 018009121830


Call Center : 018000514746 – 6029191 (Bogotá)

Online Support Page:
Live chat with specialized agents at


Customer Service 018000 180073, Bogotá 571 7430671


Customer Service 018009520585, Bogotá 571 3138080

DOA (Idea line 018009520585 / Think line 018009123012)

Technical Support for equipment, Think 018009123021

Technical Support for equipment, Idea 018005182433


Customer Service 018009155704

Monday to Saturday

7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

(Full service in Spanish)


Customer Service 018000112112


Alpha & Omega Cra 15 No 77-50 Of. 201 (the lake) Tel: 571 6348991- 571 6348992 (Bogotá)

Alpha & Omega Centro Comercial Monterrey local 50 Telephone: 352 28 82 / 268 46 57 (Medellín)

Alpha & Omega La Pasarela local shopping center 273 Tel 661 00 19 / 653 61 02 (Cali)

Alpha & Omega Marlon Navas Carrera 48 No. 76 – 137 Tel: 360 18 95 (Barranquilla)


Maximum term D.O.A. 5 days after the sale to the end user (see detail of DOA and Warranty Procedure)

Customer Service 571 5922200 – 571 8050104 – 571 7046817.

Express Service (01 8000 915235)

Motorola solutions

Sebastián Céspedes R.

Administrative Assistant

Or: +57 1 6023851
M: +57 310 572 0235

ELO Distributor

Alfa y Omega Sistemas y Servicios Ltda


Cra 15 # 77-50 Office 201

Tel: 6348991


C.C. Monterrey Loc 50-51

Tel: 3522882


C.C. Pasarela Loc 272

Tel: 6610019


Cra 48 # 76-45 Barrio Porvenir

Tel: 36000910


Calle 51 # 31-83

Tel: 657675


Carrera 69 F No. 20 – 91 , Zona Industrial Montevideo Bogotá

Tel: 018000118008


Tecnomundo Colombia

Calle 69B No 33-33



Mes Caribe

Cra 54 # 74-134 Of 201



Vasquez Caro & Cia Ltda

Cra 7ª No 34-83




Calle 159ª No 22-76




AV cra 24 # 83-41



AC Soluciones y Servicios S.A.S

Cra 69K # 78-51





Tel: 574-4481798

Cr 42 No 54A-71 Bodega 116-121 Fax: 574-331-6398

Itagui- Antioquia Email:

Contacto: Giovanni Gonzalez, Manager



Tel: 571-742-2727

Autopista Medellín Km 3.4 Bodega 34 Modulo 2 Fax: 571-616-1386

Centro Empresarial Metropolitano

Contacto: Guillermo Cabrera

Bogota, Colombia Email:


Datecsa S.A.

Tel: 572-697-7070

Calle 15 No. 29A – 11 Modulo C

Contacto: Daniel Mera Orbea

Parque Logistico SERVICOMEX Email:

Kilometro 5, Autopista Cali – Yumbo

Yumbo, Valle Del Caca


Call Center 01 8000 910 683.


DOA (Dead on Arrival): Equipment that at the time of being unpacked for the first time presents a hardware technical problem, which involves the change of some component or the product as a whole, each brand has its established times.

To start the process, you must send a request email to with a copy of the invoice, serial number and description of the failure, with this information the case is escalated with the brand for their respective approval.


By means of circular No. 001 / 2016 Nexsys informs you of the update of the billing process in the company.

Please download the circular here and inform yourself promptly.

Since the products sold by Nexsys de Colombia are imported, billing is done in Colombian pesos indexed to the dollar, settling the prices in dollars, at the representative market rate (TRM), on the day of billing. In general, the payment of our invoices must be made within the terms established therein. In specific situations, the requirement of payment of advances can be established. For invoices not paid within the established deadlines, default interest will be incurred at the maximum rate allowed by law, which will be invoiced based on the date of payment of the corresponding invoice and they must be paid upon receipt of the collection invoice. In special cases and at the express and well-founded request of the business partner, Nexsys de Colombia is able to authorize extended payment terms. For this purpose, the Nexsys Logistics Management will discuss and agree on the particular terms and conditions such as: exchange rate, interest rate, guarantees, etc. The following are the forms of payment accepted by Nexsys de Colombia:

* Check payable to NEXSYS DE COLOMBIA S.A. with Crossing of “Pay only to the first beneficiary”

* Consignment in one of the following bank accounts in the name of Nexsys de Colombia: Bancolombia # 032-035776-05 (Current) Banco de Occidente # 261-02432-7 (Current)

* No cash payments will be accepted.

The following are the personnel authorized to receive Checks: * Couriers from Nexsys de Colombia, duly identified with a valid company card, citizenship card and Nexsys stamp. * Account Executives or Commercial Advisors from the Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla offices. * Credit and Portfolio Assistants, prior written authorization from the Logistics Management. In no case should checks be sent or delivered to persons other than those listed above, in which case Nexsys will not be held responsible. Payment Alternatives: For those distributors who do not have a credit quota granted by Nexsys, it can be obtained through FENALCHEQUE with a payment term of 30 days, backed by a postdated check. The maximum amount and cost of the service can be consulted with the Commercial Advisor assigned to your account.